by Josh Brophy

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released August 31, 2014

Piano, Vocals, Percussion: Josh Brophy
Guitar, Bass: Sam C. Lemons
Producer: Jason Hutto
Mastering: Mario Viele
Paintings: Christian Hernandez (front) and Alex Schaefer (back)
Album Design: Derick Allison



all rights reserved


Josh Brophy

Originally from Fairbanks, Alaska, Josh Brophy has been a staple of the St. Louis and Midwest music scene since 2007. In the summer of 2014, he recorded his debut EP "Dover" at Smokin’ Baby Studios with producer Jason Hutto, which garnered the songwriter much acclaim. Brophy's unreleased follow-up, "Twice as Cold", only enhances the overall charm of the pianoman's humble persona. ... more

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Track Name: My Buttermilk Darling
My buttermilk darling, she talks in her sleep
Her breathing is shallow, but her voice is so deep
I can't understand her, my ears aren't the best
Oh, what is she saying? I don't know, I can't guess

My buttermilk darling lives within her means
She works down in Brooklyn, but she stays up in Queens
I clean out her gutters and I sharpen her knives
I don't mind waiting for her for the rest of our lives

My buttermilk darling still flirts with the cops
Her knuckles are hard, but her thighs are so soft
I tell her I love her, but she says, "Not today.
I hold onto my love, I don't give it away."

My buttermilk darling's always drinking gin
Her blue jeans are holy, but her thoughts are all sin
I'll do what I have to, beg, borrow, or steal
My buttermilk darling, she's not even real
Track Name: The Bars
A man went to prison, he broke all the rules
He spends all his time now with thieves, liars, and fools
He sleeps in a bunk bed, he works washing clothes
You ask what he’s in for, he’ll say lord only knows

He wrote to the governor from the desk in his cell
Said, “Ma’am, how are you? I’m not doing too well.”
He asked, “What’s the reason for these laws that you make?”
She wrote back, “Folks gotta have something they can break.”

The night he got busted, he collapsed on my lawn
I watched from my window, didn’t turn the light on
Saw ‘em put him in handcuffs, saw him stuffed in the car
For a second I hoped they wouldn’t take him too far

Now the view from his window just fills him with dread
When he looks to the sky, sees a plane overhead
But what happened before this, well it seems he forgot
‘Cause first comes the love and then the holes in the plot

No one ever writes me, but today on a whim
I opened my mailbox, found a letter from him
Said, “The bars are so real here, but the feeling is fake.”
I wrote back, “Folks gotta have something they can break.”
Track Name: Dover
The man that’s in me meets the woman in you
And he rests with his head on her shoulder
He’ll lie there and stay through the heat of the day
And he’ll still be there when it gets colder

The woman in me meets the man that’s in you
Her skin still rubbed raw from the stubble
That body of hers and that body of his
Will get them both into some trouble

The woman in me meets the woman in you
Let’s just hope they don’t easily scare
They’ll run off whatever direction they choose
They’re not mine and they’re not yours to share

The man that’s in me meets the man that’s in you
At the end of the drive down from Dover
He’ll jump out of his truck and jump into his arms
And lean so hard that he knocks them both over
Track Name: A Sweet Song
I’ll sing you a sweet song to dry out your bones
Don’t know why you’re here but I’m scared of the tone
You’re always on lookout for the carrion crow
So I’ll sing you a sweet song, but you don’t have to go

I’ll sing you a sweet song to put you to rest
To find you a home in the dreary Midwest
You may be within me, and you may not be dead
So I’ll sing you a sweet song, and together we’ll tread

I’ll sing you a sweet song to soften your cries
You walked through the water, did not get baptized
Our fingers entwined, you’ve nothing to fear
I’ll sing you a sweet song, here’s hoping you’ll hear

I’ll sing you a sweet song if you’ll make some room
The sounds’ll bounce off of the walls in your tomb
Don’t have to awaken, stay asleep if you please
I’ll sing you a sweet song, it’ll put you at ease

I’ll sing you a sweet song for as long as you need
I’ll sing you a sweet song till the moment you’re freed
One day when I realize my worry’s my own
I’ll sing you a sweet song, and I’ll leave you alone
Track Name: Some Nights
Some nights when my head hits the pillow
A killer sneaks into my home
I can’t go downstairs ‘cause he’s waiting
To drag a dull blade ‘cross my throat
But I know that I must warn my family
Or they’ll soon meet an untimely fate
Then a scream pierces through, then a silence
And my heart sinks, I must be too late
Then I open my eyes

Some nights when my head hits the pillow
I find myself holding a gun
My lover lies mangled before me
I cry out, “Oh lord, what have I done?”
Was it only a wartime misfortune?
Friendly fire at its absolute worst?
I don’t know, but this feeling is torture
Then I notice it wasn’t the first
Then I open my eyes

Some nights when my head hits the pillow
I jump from the hull of a plane
I glide through the air like an eagle
They probably think I’m insane
The sunshine beams down on my feathers
I’ve got no time to think of the ground
The wind in my face seems to help me
To cherish the freedom I found
Then I open my eyes
Track Name: The Silky Breeze
With my mailbox frozen shut, there’s no bills can reach my door
It’s so cozy here inside, and I’ve nothing to hurry for
But the flowers don’t seem to bloom, and the birds don’t seem to sing
I’m sick of winter and I want it to be spring

As I stomp through all these puddles, I splash away my winter blues
The gray’s begun to fade, and I’ve switched from boots to shoes
But the pollen’s been kicked up now, and an allergy’s a bummer
I’m sick of spring, oh how I want it to be summer

Well my skin is always dripping with the stuff I’m sweating out
We’ll roll down all the windows and just let the smoke blow out
But the sun’s been up all day and I’m burnt from top to bottom
I’m sick of summer and I want it to be autumn

Well it’s finally come the harvest and I’m gonna have a feast
From the far end of the table, in shoots a silky breeze
But those crimson fallen leaves just remind me I’m a sinner
I’m sick of autumn and I want it to be winter

I don’t know what time it is now, I’ve drawn the curtains closed
But I won’t stay here much longer, for a rambling I will go
So with the bills, the gray, the boots, the smoke, the sweat, the burn, the leaves
In my suitcase, I’ll pack the silky breeze